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internship program
The Victorian Chamber Internship Program is a valuable experience for employers and interns. While interns contribute to your business objectives, organisations provide students with work experience in their chosen professional field.

Internships are increasingly part of the transition from studying to employment. However, it is important that internships deliver real opportunities for students to develop professionally to enhance their employment prospects, and to increase their value to industry in the long term.

We have developed an internship program that delivers benefits at every level. An intern's presence in your business allows them to receive broad learnings about your business in general, the world of professional work as well as contribute to your business objectives. Businesses can leverage off our financial incentive to get in-house projects off the ground, and industry is enhanced by the quality of graduates each year. 

The program

Member organisations can employ an undergraduate or postgraduate student with the educational background to support a specific project in their business. While the project can cover any industry or subject, the project must have measurable outcomes to provide interns a clear opportunity to develop industry skills. 

Sourcing interns

As part of the recruiting service, the Victorian Chamber works with our university partners to source internship candidates with the educational background to contribute to your project objectives. Contacting, interviewing and making an offer to a preferred candidate is the responsibility of the member organisation. 

Hiring costs

Like any employment relationship, members must pay interns at the relevant award rate. To assist with the costs of paying the intern's wages, the Victorian Chamber provides a placement contribution of $3200 (for placements commencing after 1 July 2019). Please note that there are a limited number of Internship Program contribution payments available each year.

Employer obligations

If you are unsure of your employment obligations or have any concerns, including minimum wage requirements, please access detailed information from our Workplace Relations Advice Line on 03 8662 5222.


The length of the internship is capped at 120 hours. The hours can be made up through full-time, part-time or casual work at any time of year. We usually find our members spread the work over a period of eight to ten weeks during semester. Typically, interns are available for two days during semester and up to five days during semester breaks. On many occasions, members have such a great experience with their intern that they decide to extend the employment relationship beyond 120 hours. That’s a great outcome for all involved however please note that like arrangements are external to our program.

Project Supervisors

Prior to commencing the internship, member organisations need to identify a Project Supervisor. The role of this individual is to provide the intern daily guidance and support while they are working on the project. The Project Supervisor needs to have a suitable leadership style, as well as the time and resources to invest with the intern and their project.


The Internship Program is available to members of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested in learning more about member benefits or becoming a member, contact our membership team or view further information online.

University students

The Victorian Chamber Internship program helps students develop their professional skills and improves the transition from student life to the world of work. Working as an intern gives students real exposure to day-to-day experiences in their chosen field.

The internship program provides:

  • Paid work experience that relates to a students field of study and/or career goals
  • Essential skills that employers are looking for in new employees
  • Career development, networking, personal and professional development opportunities

The program is open to current domestic students of any of the participating Victorian universities (listed below). As per Fair Work requirements, this program is not suitable for vocational placements that are part of formal studies. 

If you are a student interested in gaining valuable work experience as an intern, visit your university's careers service to learn if they are currently recruiting for the Victorian Chamber Internship Program.

University partners

The Internship Program has partnered with Victoria's leading universities to source students with the educational background and professional skills to contribute to member projects as an intern.  

Frequently asked questions


You are required to pay the student for all hours worked. In addition to completing and complying with our placement agreement, you are required to enter into a written contract of employment. If you’re unsure of any of your obligations as an employer contact our Workplace Relations Advice Line on 03 8662 5222 for advice and don’t forget to mention you’re participating in the internship program.


Our internship program is a member only initiative. Interns participating in the program must be direct employees of the member organisation for the term of their 120 hour paid internship. Contract arrangements via an external agency are not an option.


Students are typically available for full-time work in the winter and summer semester breaks.

To secure a student intern over the summer break, ideally forward your proposal before exam time which commence is October. To secure a student intern over the winter break, ideally forward your proposal before May.


Students are typically available for 1 to 3 days per week during semester. We like to keep projects to a maximum of 8 - 12 weeks to ensure project continuity for your business and to provide a student with a realistic taste of the world of work. You can negotiate the hours and days of work with your chosen candidate.

To apply for the program, please download and complete the Employer Project Proposal. Please also carefully read our Placement Agreement which outlines you obligations as the employer when participating in the Internship Program.

Take a look at our sample project proposals for guidance. Download the Social Media project proposal sample or Human Resources project proposal sample. Regardless of your industry, the samples provide a great indication as to the level of detail required.

We’re also happy to talk you through some ideas if you’re a little stuck on where to start. You can reach Internship Enquiries by email or call 03 8662 5333

Please plan for an intern to start several weeks after you provide your Project Proposal to us.

We do not recruit from a "pool" of candidates. To get the best candidate for your role, we present your opportunity to one or two of our university partners. It takes the university at least two weeks to attract interest. This is an agreed process with our university partners as part of our program.

Then, a list of potential candidates are given to you for interview and selection.

Leave a month between your ideal starting date and submitting your proposal. This allows time for the university to attract and screen suitable student candidates, and for you to undertake interviews and the recruitment process.

Victorian Chamber members who are on a Complete membership (minimum of 2 years) or above, and Melbourne Chamber of Commerce members are eligible to participate in the Internship Program.

If you are not a member, consider joining the Victorian Chamber. The Internship Program is one of our many services designed to help Victorian businesses succeed. 

The Victorian Chamber is responsible for finding up to four candidates from leading Victorian universities. Once these students have been presented to you for consideration, it is up to the member organisation to arrange interviews directly with the students. You get to make the final decision around the best possible candidate, timing and logistics.

This internship has given me perspective into what I would like from my future career in terms of the nature of the work, the corporate environment, and the management style...

Australian Alpaca Fleece placed a Monash University intern

Checking the award wage that applies for your intern? Members, call the Workplace Relations Advice Line for help.
Internship enquiries

For any questions about the Internship Program, or to submit a project proposal, please contact us.

03 8662 5333

Internship enquiries

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