Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Workers' compensation

Workers’ compensation can be a challenging topic for experienced employers and newcomers alike.

Workers' compensation

Our health safety and wellbeing team has the skills and experience to help you manage the bends in the road and achieve the best possible outcomes for both your business and your injured workers.

Our consulting services

Is your workers’ compensation premium out of control? Are you experiencing challenges dealing with your agent, or a difficult case that you are unsure of how to resolve? We offer our members and clients a broad range of consulting services to address these workers’ compensation challenges and more, including:

  • Advocating on your behalf when you are experiencing poor support from your agent
  • Assistance with managing ‘stuck’ claims: resolving the long-term, challenging complex workers’ compensation matters
  • Premium analysis and strategies to achieve durable premium reduction
  • Advising on the viability of self-insurance
  • Suitable duties manuals: a comprehensive manual of all suitable alternative duties that can be offered to injured employees as part of a graduated return to work plan
  • Functional capacity assessments of injured employees

This list of services is not exhaustive. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

Our training courses

Workers Compensation Fundamentals
Workers’ Compensation Fundamentals

The workshop is facilitated by one of our experienced consultants and includes group work, recent case studies and multimedia. Whether you are a workers’ compensation beginner or wish to broaden your existing experience, you will benefit from our in-depth exploration in key areas. Learn more...




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Memberships for wherever you are in business

Hard times. Good times. Crunch time. Growth time. We’re here to support you at all those pivotal times in your business life. We’ve now tailored our range of memberships to fit wherever you are in business – today and well into the future.

Memberships for wherever you are in business

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