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health safety and wellbeing

Ensuring your workforce is fit for work

As Bob Dylan famously once sang, “The times they are a-changing”. And so must our work practices to avoid inadvertently creating unsafe workspaces or tasks for our people.  

08 August 2022

covid 19

COVID-19 winter guide for employers

To assist with managing COVID-19 in workplaces over winter, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) has set out a guide to address key health, safety and employment issues.

20 July 2022

health safety and wellbeing

WorkSafe workers’ compensation management plan

Members are invited to help inform the Victorian Chamber’s feedback on WorkSafe Victoria's implementation plan for the management of complex workers' compensation claims 

04 July 2022

health safety and wellbeing

Guidance on new mental health requirements for businesses

Businesses should be aware of significant changes regarding the mitigation and management of ‘psychosocial’ incidents in the workplace that may arise from mental health issues

15 June 2022

covid 19

Connection crucial in post-pandemic workplaces

As more Victorians balance working at home with the office, wellness and the physical and mental health of employees has never been more important. 

09 June 2022


No rate hike for 2022/23 WorkCover premiums

Victorian Government announces no increase in premiums for the 2022/23 year to help business recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

27 May 2022

health safety and wellbeing

Why your business needs to talk about domestic and family violence

Domestic and family violence (DFV) is one of the most serious and urgent challenges confronting modern Australian society. Your workplace must know how to manage a situation if it arises.

04 April 2022

health safety and wellbeing

Is it time to review your workplace safety systems?

Faced with another year of business uncertainty due to COVID-19 and global events, one aspect of your business you can control is workplace safety. Where does it fit into your thinking and planning for 2022 and beyond? Here are our five best-practice safety tools to consider.

21 March 2022

health safety and wellbeing

Solving safety recruitment challenges with a targeted secondment

Quality safety professionals are hard to find. At the Victorian Chamber’s Health Safety and Wellbeing team, we understand the challenges involved when advising our members and clients on what to look for.

17 March 2022

health safety and wellbeing

Respectful interruption: practical tips for better safety and cultural outcomes

We have all heard the phrase: ‘The standard you walk past is the standard you set’. But how many of us understand how to interrupt behaviors that are unsafe or that we simply need to question without causing offence?

10 March 2022

health safety and wellbeing

Looking after your labour hire workers: Safety law to change

If you employ labour hire workers in your business, upcoming changes to the OHS Act 2004 will require you to regard them as your own employees for safety purposes.

04 March 2022

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