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Businesses are missing out – let’s ignite collaboration

Submitted on Monday, 6th August 2018

Evidence shows that when businesses collaborate with researchers, they more than triple their likelihood of annual productivity growth.

Unfortunately, Australia is last on the list of OECD countries when we measure business-research collaboration in a global scale. Many other countries do collaboration much better than us – and their economies benefit.

Our businesses are missing out… and the Victorian Chamber wants to change that. We want Victorian businesses to be more aware of the quality and diversity of research capabilities that sit within our university sector, so they know how to tap into this excellent resource.

Each Victorian university is unique in how they approach a partnership with industry.

There are many ways – big and small – that businesses can collaborate with the university sector. These can include hosting interns, co-investing on new products or partnering on a research project in their own business. The possibilities are vast and it all starts with a simple conversation.

That’s why we created ignite – a series of events that bring businesses and researchers together under the same roof to initiate collaboration and get innovative projects off the ground.

This is a brand-new initiative which only started earlier this year and, already, has shown great outcomes. The last two ignite events hosted in partnership with RMIT and Victoria University attracted hundreds of interested businesses and initiated dozens of new partnerships.

To ensure ignite can leave a lasting legacy and Victoria’s innovative projects reach far and wide, we’ve been filming all ignite presentations and making them available online to be shared through social media and other networks. You can watch the ignite presentations on our YouTube channel.

We are determined to keep igniting collaboration between universities and the business world, so Victoria can live up to its reputation as a leader in innovation and the knowledge capital of Australia.

Learn more about ignite innovation series and upcoming events.

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