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You’ve completed our Health Check and identified which areas you can improve, now it’s time to leverage our Resources Hub to kickstart your development. Explore our tailored resources for each topic below.

Human Resources and Workplace Relations

The Advice Line is your first line of defense for all your HR issues. Get over-the-phone advice on a range of topics from our experts.



We also have tailored services and resources for each of the following topics:


Wages and Award Interpretation

Modern Awards Directory

Member-only page

Know Your Award

Training course

Performance Management and Termination

Termination Checklist Factsheet

Document download (Member-only)


Redundancy Factsheet and Checklist

Document download (Member-only)

Parental Leave

Parental Leave and Flexible Working Arrangements

Parental Leave Letter

Document download (Member-only)

Flexible Work Arrangements Template

Document download (Member-only)

Fair Work

Fair Work Commission

Fair Work Representation

How we can help

Fair Work Act Factsheets

Document download (Member-only)


Health, Safety & Wellbeing

From free programs, training courses, webinars and resources to tailored consulting from our HSW experts, we can help you develop rigorous procedures across key HSW areas.


Occupational Safety

OHS Consulting

How we can help

Free OHS Essentials Program

How we can help

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Checklist

Document download (Member-only)

Mental Health

Domestic and Family Violence

Workplace Manslaughter

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