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HR Tools and Templates

Support resources and templates

Do you need a quick and easy way to access free HR tools and templates? Whether you are looking for a template, fact sheet, or document to help you with your workplace relations/HR issues, we have the solution for you.

Browse our extensive range of tools and templates that cover topics such as:

  • Recruitment
  • Position descriptions
  • Policies
  • Performance management
  • Leave
  • Termination, and more.

You will find everything you need to manage your HR effectively and efficiently. Our tools and templates are designed by experts and updated regularly to reflect the latest laws and best practices. You can download them for free as a Victorian Chamber Employer member or Melbourne Chamber member.

Alternatively, you can call our Workplace Relations Advice Line on 03 8662 5222 and one of our friendly and experienced team members will help you find the right tool or template for your situation.

Don’t waste time and money on searching for workplace relations and HR solutions elsewhere. Use our tools and templates today and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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Employment Agreement templates

Ensure your employment agreements are straightforward and valid. Our common law templates will help give you certainty that the terms of engagement are clear for both you and your employees. Employment agreements are legally binding documents. Because breaches to workplace law can be costly to businesses in terms of both money and reputation, it pays to get employment agreements right from the outset. Request for a template to be emailed to you today.

Our team can guide you through every step in the employment agreement process, including:

  • Providing templates
  • Meeting minimum employment conditions
  • Reviewing other documents such as HR manuals, policies and procedures

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