Victoria Summit 2021

The Victorian Chamber will assemble industry, university, union and government thought leaders together for a Victoria Summit to create a bold vision for Victoria’s future.

The ambition is to bring businesses, unions, researchers and innovators, thought leaders, community representatives and parliamentarians together in a series of forums, workshops, and consultations across the state, culminating in a vision, pathways and actions that can be leveraged for the state’s benefit.

The Summit will design a way forward for Victoria to be a global leader in 5-10 major sectors. The objective is to explore three fundamental questions:

What is the vision for Victoria in 2030, richly described, aspirational but achievable?

What are the pathways to securing this vision?

What actions are needed to ensure Victoria is on the path to developing and realising a longer term 2050 vision?

The Summit will focus on several primary themes that underpin long-term prosperity. These will be identified through collaboration to ensure greatest connection with participants.

Summit participants, directly and through ongoing and disaggregated engagement, will have the opportunity to shape the vision, pathways and actions in line with their values. The Chamber will work to establish a Reference Group which will provide overarching strategic advice on Summit planning and implementation, driving engagement and activity.

Early work on the Summit has begun with invitations to select individuals known for their ability to think big and influence. We have already had indications of interest from KPMG, Trades Hall, AFL, industry and Deakin University.

Get involved in Victoria Summit 2021.

There is an opportunity off the back of the 2020-21 State Budget to provide a rapid and strategic opportunity to help Victoria reset and regrow in the devastating wake of coronavirus.

The Victorian Chamber will continue to update this page as plans progress in late 2020 and early 2021. 

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